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Client Testimonial

I’m so excited, I can do a handstand! I couldn’t do this when I first started! I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made. Thanks to Tonya she’s the best! -MELISSA L

Offering Personal Training in Broomfield CO and the local areas.

Hi I am Tonya a Personal Trainer in Broomfield, CO and the local areas. As a fitness enthusiast, I have found exercise and being active has always helped me stay focused and stay positive.

When I worked in hi-tech, I was living the exact opposite lifestyle I am today.  I was bogged down by too much travel, not enough sleep, and a high stress job.  My life was running me in to the ground and my body suffered for it.  I made the decision to follow my passion back in to fitness and help other corporate types, stay-at-home moms (CEO of the household), and family members who support them.  

I find that my experience in both corporate business and life experience has proven to keep me in tune with the needs of my clients. I have had the pleasure of helping clients who have made a conscious decision to follow a healthy lifestyle. Making change is difficult; but change is good! My goal is to help you create a plan to reach your goal and provide you the tools to make it happen. Whether you want to lift, dance, row, bungee or TABATA your way to a healthier you – we can do this together!  Let’s get moving!

Tanya Personal Trainers in Broomfield CO.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from California State University, Chico.
  • Personal Training by American Council on Exercise
  • Fibromyalgia and Exercise by American Council on Exercise
  • Diabetes and Exercise by American Council on Exercise

Client Testimonial

I haven't been to any other gym and have had as much fun working out as I do with Tonya. The bungee workouts are amazing and would recommend everyone to do it. The gym itself is clean and nicely done. Tonya the trainer is very personal and explains every move to you so it's easy to learn even for a beginner. -AMBER M

Client Testimonial

I met Tonya a few years ago and can’t say enough about her personally and professionally. She will work with you and find a solution for your needs and challenges just like she did for me. Doesn’t matter your age and fitness level, I was always treated with kindness and respect and we laughed a lot too! -BETH C

Client Testimonial

Tonya was amazing with me! She helped me dial in my food and training. I lost a total of almost 12 inches over 8 weeks (3" hips, 3" waist, 1.5" each thigh, .5" each arm, .5" each calf). Her attitude, bubbly personality, and support really motivated me to get moving. Thanks T! -KIMBERLY C

Client Testimonial

I tried my first “Bungee Basics” class last Saturday and I am IN LOVE! This is definitely one of the most fun fitness classes I have ever taken. I did my first full bungee workout class tonight and can’t wait to get back in the gym for another one! Tonya is an amazing trainer and person! I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey with her at Total Movement Fitness! -ALLY P

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